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  • To do study on existing boiler and determine root caused for the problem.

  • To provide a complete heating solution to overcome current situation for the customer production plant. 

  • To comply with the governance and standard of the production plant requirement. 

Based on site inspection and investigation done by TEMCombustion teams, we find out that existing hot water boiler system does not have water treatment in their system which caused the old boiler to fail.

  • Water contains dissolved salts, which upon evaporation of water forms scales on the heat transfer surfaces. Scales have much lower heat transfer capacity than steel: the heat transfer coefficient of the scales is 1 kcal/m/°C/hr against 15 kcal/m/°C/hr for steel. This leads to overheating and failure of the boiler tubes. Scale also reduces flow area, which increases pressure drop in boiler tubes and piping.

  • Low pH or dissolved oxygen in the water attacks the steel. This causes pitting or lowering the thickness of the steel tubes, leading to rupture of the boiler tubes. Contaminants like chlorides, a problem in seawater cooled power plants, also behave in a similar way.

  • Flow assisted corrosion occurs in the carbon steel pipes due to the continuous removal of the protective oxide layer at high flows.

  • Impurities carried over in the steam, causing deposits on turbine blades leading to reduced turbine efficiency, high vibrations, and blade failure. These contaminants can also cause erosion of turbine blades. Silica at higher operating pressures volatilizes and carries over to the turbine blades.


Therefore, by introducing new hot water generator system full complete water treatment system and the integrated safety design, guaranteed by UNICAL boiler, we manage to get solve client issues. 


By doing testing and showing proven result on customer production plant, customer decided to repeat the order on their new plant design. 

Based on technical verified by customer. The actual result showing positive changes where electrical saving proven based on comparison of existing old production lines and new production lines. 

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