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  • The temperature of flue gas are very high and fluctuated. This shows that the energy is wasted & boiler is in-efficient.  

  • The parts per million (ppm) of carbon monoxide (CO) (O2) level in the excess air of the flue gas are above the regulation of Malaysia Departmental of Safety & Health (DOSH) which it has to be below 50 ppm. 

  • The high flue & fluctuate reading on chimney indicate that the energy is not consistent and can be re-cycle for energy recovery. 


Difference with Air Pre-Heat & without Air Pre-Heat could save up energy & gas consumption. 


Boiler 2 consume less gas (MMBTU) average to support production lines compare to boiler 1. Boiler 1 consume average above 300 MMBTU with set point temperature 130-150 degree while for boiler 2 the highest consumption value we can see is 209.37 degree to support production lines. Hence, the efficiency of boiler is also increased. 

  • Air preheaters help recover energy and increasing the combustion efficiency for the operation in boilers. 

  • For combustion, hot air is used to enhance the combustion process hence the burner will use less energy to combust.

  • By implement this system of air preheater, the amount of natural gas consumption of the boilers itself have been reduced. 

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