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  • To learn and study customer existing production line requirement and propose highly efficient equipment and zero wastage design

  • To provide technical advice, calculation and presentation to their technical team about proposed equipment.

  • To guide customer and made equipment inspection on Eurovent assemblies’ line on supplier plant.

Further study has been made by TEMCombustion teams on old plan production line design, we find out that the main reasons for their production lines to have higher consumption in electricity & gas was due to the blower not efficient enough to bring hot air to the oven.


Based on data gathered at site, found out the air flow inside oven was low, therefore they need to use a bigger size fan with higher kW of motor to deliver the hot air. 

By comparing technical calculation and result from customer site, the blower sizing and design was the root factor to enhance the blower efficiency.


The ideal power consumption for a fan (without losses) can be expressed as Pi = dp q Where: Pi = ideal power consumption (W) dp = total pressure increase in the fan (Pa, N/m2 ) q = air volume flow delivered by the fan (m3 /s) Power consumption at different air volumes and pressure increases are indicated below:

BPRc561.1 6500cfm 3.44inwg 5.5kw 1450rpm-01.jpg

By doing testing and showing proven result on customer workshop, customer decided to use Eurovent Blower LRB Series for testing on their new plant design.


Based on technical calculation made by customer and TEMCombustion teams. The actual result showing positive changes . Total of 20% electrical saving proven based on comparison of existing old production lines and new production lines.

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