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  • To create a safe working zone together with customer. 

  • To provide technical support and provide report on the actual result. 

  • To compete with other brand burner supplied in terms of performance, gas saving, emission and temperature accuracy

By using gas analyzer it is found out that the CO ppm contains in the ambient air which causes the discomfort and burning sensation to the eyes.


Readings from the gas analyzer shows that the CO ppm reading value is at 204 ppm in the ambient air. The Malaysian Code of Practice recommends that CO exposure must not exceed 10 ppm within an air space to ensure a healthy and safe environment. The surrounding ambient air at the burner is at a very dangerous critical level. This is the root cause of the discomfort and burning sensation at the eyes.

From here, it is confirmed that the current burner at customer factory is not efficient as the fuel which is natural gas is not combust completely. This explains the high thru the reading in gas analyser. The proposed solution which is accepted by customer is to change the current burner to ECOSTAR Gazoram Burners. After changing to ECOSTAR Gazoram 30, the surrounding area of the burner is then tested with gas analyser again. 

From the findings, it is assured that TEMCombustion is able to involve and cooperate with customer successfully. Besides that, TEMCombustion are able to come out with a proper method to identify and study existing production lines by using proper tools to identify the root cause can.

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